Forklift Servicing

Customer service has been pivotal in the evolution of our forklift trucks business.

"Once we get a customer we don't lose them!"

A bold claim by Jason Nagle, service manager at Knightsbridge, but one that is proven year after year.

More than 20 years of providing forklift services has given us the time to develop a highly experienced team that is ready to respond to any problems that might arise.

We believe successful forklift servicing and maintenance requires three factors:

  1. You must have competent forklift service technicians (both in-house and mobile). Knightsbridge Mechanical has the capability of repairing or maintaining any kind of forklift truck, no matter what the size or whether it’s new or twenty years old.
  2. You must have a competent and responsive process for obtaining forklift parts. Correctly sourcing different parts isn’t something you can master overnight. Knightsbridge has developed strong working relationships with suppliers who can help us source the correct forklift parts quickly and at highly competitive rates.
  3. Customer service has been the most important factor in our success. We have strived for years to develop a team that can respond to our customers needs at a moment’s notice. Our highly trained and focused customer service team can react quickly and accurately to any and all of your forklift services needs. No matter the brand, or if it’s LPG/Diesel/Electric, our highly skilled forklift service technicians can repair your forklift and keep downtime to a minimum.

Are you in the need of a forklift preventative maintenance program? Do you need a forklift service technician to visit your site to fix your equipment? Do you require a thorough examination to adhere to current legislation?

Make the right move by contacting our customer services team on 0800 458 1716.

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Next Day Parts Service

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Authorised Clark Dealer

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